I am a trust officer and have had Lisa Coke work with a number of client’s cases since moving to Louisville five years ago. In a fiduciary capacity, my role in ensuring my client’s needs are met goes beyond the four corners of the trust or court document. In situations where my clients have ongoing medical conditions several of these clients have engaged Lisa to be part of their overall relationship team. The Bank officer’s focus on the client’s cash management and investment needs and Lisa focuses on the client’s health management needs. Upon learning of a medical condition or decline in one of my clients, I call upon Lisa to conduct a comprehensive health care assessment. Lisa completes a detailed client profile and prepares a report for the client regarding recommendations for their care. This is the first important step where Lisa has exhibited strong relationship building skills. Lisa is highly credentialed and brings a tremendous amount of medical and health experience and expertise to the lives of my clients.

I have approached Lisa to work with some of my most difficult and delicate client relationships. It has been a huge victory to get to the point of being able to actually introduce her to my clients due to their challenging circumstances. In these cases, Lisa has helped to develop an effective strategy. She is flexible and patient in overcoming obstacles. In one case, a group of five non-agency unskilled aids provides round-the-clock care for an elderly patient. These aids did not welcome a credentialed outsider to the client relationship. Lisa has won the trust of the aids and is now called at the first sign of any health related change. She has dramatically improved my client’s life and well-being by having been involved in educating the aids; ensuring the client was seen by his physician on an ongoing basis; modifying a home (ramps, wheelchair accessible shower, and fire escape route for emergencies), creating daily reports/checklists for the aids to document physical therapy, diet, bowel movements etc. Lisa’s experience with worker’s compensation has also proved to be beneficial to my client’s as some of the aids have been injured on-the-job.

In another case, I have a teenage disabled child living at home being cared for by a loving yet unsophisticated Mother. Lisa has coordinated and attended this child’s medical appointment, school, initiated physical therapy and introduced much needed dental care to this child. She has served as a consultant to ensure that proper equipment was purchased (wheelchair, bed, transfer equipment etc.) In addition, she scheduled home health visits to assist the Mother with daily bathing tasks and to provide the Mother with needed “free-time”.

Lisa has impressed me time and time again with her level of commitment and dedication to her clients. She is available to them on an as needed basis night and day. I believe what makes Lisa so special is that she forms deep bonds with her clients. Recently she coordinated renting a tuxedo for my teenage client to attend his Prom.

Another area where Lisa has demonstrated a commitment of excellence is in her communication skills. I am kept fully informed of my client’s medical condition and well-being. I at a minimum receive a detailed monthly report with her invoice. In addition, I receive phone calls and email updates on doctor’s appointment and home visits in an interim basis. Particularly in situations where there are not family members to make health related decisions, or where family members need help and expertise, Lisa has been able to step-in to help coordinate important health and quality of life related decisions for my clients.

As a result, my clients are well served!