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Preferred Case Management is celebrating our

11th Year In Business! 

We would like to thank all of our loyal customers and employees for our continued growth and success!


Our Role

Communication regarding the claimant’s medical needs should revolve around your case manager. They provide an open line of communication to ensure everyone involved in the injured worker’s claim is on the same page. This will help the process move forward in a smooth and positive manner.


It is so nice to know our clients appreciate the efforts of our employees. This specific encounter didn't just involve one employee, this was a group effort which involved three of our employees working together to help our client meet a deadline. Great job Maggie Back, Judith Fielden and Bev Starks. #pcmky

Thanks very much for getting this for me. Please tell your supervisor I am very appreciative of you going above and beyond to meet my timeline.

Best regards,

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Company History and Philosophy

Started in 2005 by Darren and Lisa Coke, Preferred Case Management is a group of dedicated employees who all have individual roles and knows that their role is important not just to the company but more importantly to their client.  Whether you are an injured worker, an adjuster or employer; we want your experience with Preferred Case Management to be positive in every aspect.

Our mission is simple, “Exceed the Client’s Expectations Daily, No Exception”

We define our client at Preferred Case Management as the Insurance Company, TPA, Employer and Injured Worker. Why is this important? It’s important because here at Preferred Case Management we believe case managers can advocate for all parties without compromising anyone’s interests.

 Our philosophy is simple, “Right is right and wrong is wrong.” 

The majority of the time these parties all desire the same outcome. Each of us want the injured worker treated fairly, the recovery to be expedited, painless and as cost efficient as possible. With this in mind, everyones expectations will be exceeded!  We have seen substantial growth and client satisfaction over the last 11 years and we look forward to serving our current and new clients in the coming years.